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Healthcare providers seek better ways of taking care of their chronically ill patients in this increasingly cost-sensitive healthcare environment. Home care continues to be the most cost effective means of managing patients. With technological tools available today, clinical outcomes for patients can even be improved. One of the tools being utilized by innovative home care providers, such as the VNS, is Telehealth.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is an in-home monitoring device helping patients take a more active role in their health and stay connected to their healthcare providers. Patients use wireless measurement devices to take their own vital signs and respond to personalized, clinician-directed surveys using the Telestation. The communication platform automatically transmits both subjective survey responses and objective measurement results to a secure server. Clinicians access the web based Clinical Review Application to view patient data, customize health surveys and use decision-support tools for effective chronic care management.

Simple, convenient and wireless:

  • One-button, automatic operation for patient ease of use
  • Telestation has backlit screen for easier viewing
  • Measurement devices have large LCD screens, buttons and fonts
  • Audible and visual prompts
  • Battery-operated for convenient location in the home

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