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Planned Giving

A planned gift is a future donation, usually in the form of a bequest intention in a will. With some simple planning, your bequest intention - a gift left under the terms of a will - will allow you to keep your assets now, while potentially providing significant tax benefits for your heirs.

Best of all? You will know that your gift will contribute to the future sustainability of the Visiting Nurse Service (VNS).

Planning for a future gift is an easy and straightforward process. As you are evaluating your family's financial needs, as well as your long term charitable giving plans, discuss your intentions with your estate attorney to designate either an outright gift, or a percentage of your estate, to the VNS. Keep in mind that gifts of all sizes help support the programs and services of the VNS.

For more information on how to include the Visiting Nurse Service Foundation in your will, please call 518.243.4600. We will be happy to help achieve your future plans.